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Oil can talk. Learn to understand the message.

OilDoc GmbH

Seminars · Training · Certification Programs · Online-Trainings for hands-on professionals working in the fields of maintenance, service & sales

Since 1996 your leading European center of excellence for education programs in the fields of lubrication · tribology · pro-active maintenance · oil & condition monitoring · wear control · reduction of failures · optimizing oil-change intervals · oil analysis & much more


Seminars, workshops, certification programs, online-trainings and customized trainings in German, English or Russian - The OilDoc Academy is popular among leading experts working in the fields of maintenance, construction, tribology, lubrication, sensor-technology and of course the mineral-oil industry to come together to exchange, extend and update their knowledge.

Passing on knowledge is OilDoc's top priority. 

Therefore we arrange special in-house trainings which take place either directly at our customer's site or at the beautifully located, alpine panoramic OilDoc-academy in Brannenburg (near Munich). 

Alternatively we also offer our content as custom-tailored online-trainings – live and interactive!

 The OilDoc GmbH emerged as a spin-off from the OELCHECK GmbH (formerly WEARCHECK Germany).

The OilDoc CEO and responsible trainer Rüdiger Krethe is an experienced engineer who used to work for OELCHECK for more than 15 years. He is a ?Certified Lubrication Specialist? (CLS) by STLE, "Machine Lubricant Analyst II" by ICML and certified Virtual Classroom trainer.

CEO Petra Bots is our expert in the area of organisation and marketing-management.

OilDoc Certification Programs

We offer a range of different exam preparation programs for the following certificates:
- Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), approved by the STLE
- Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) Level I and II, approved by the ICML
- Laboratory Lubricant Analysts  (LLA) Level I and II, approved by the ICML