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Exhibition fees 2019

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Package A) sold out

System booth 2x3 m                                             EUR 2.150,- € + VAT
incl. 1 person booth staff

Package B) sold out

System booth 2x3 m                                             EUR 3.750,- € + VAT
incl. 3 persons booth staff

Package C)  sold out

System booth 3x3 m                                             EUR 2.320,- € + VAT
incl. 1 person booth staff     

We offer system booths with white rear and side hardwall panels and an electrical connection with three plug sockets as well as one regular chair per booth. 

Additional equipment as additional chairs, tables, desks, boards, spotlights etc. can be ordered separately.

These services are included for booth staff:

  • Lunch buffet on all three days
  • Coffee/tea and snacks during breaks
  • Evening dinner events:
    Get-together on Tuesday and Bavarian Evening on Wednesday
  • Conference bag, proceedings

The presentation program is fixed!

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OilDoc Conference 2019 – Committee announced!

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Conference Program Planning Committee.


Join the event as an exhibitor!

If you want to exhibt at the next OilDoc Conference in January 2019, please book your booth as soon as po[more]


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