Your saftey is our main priority!

Update: Nov. 13, 2021

After sleepless nights and an crisis meeting on Friday, our organizing team has decided to finally change the OilDoc conference to a virtual event for all visitors.

In our opinion, it would be socially irresponsible to hold the event in the planned form in the current catastrophic situation.
We also feel that it would be unfair to our exhibitors and the visitors who are still willing to participate in Rosenheim due to the significantly reduced number of participants on site.

We know that this information comes at more than short notice.
We regret it from the bottom of our hearts.

For the reason:
The development of the Corona situation is a nightmare – especially in our region. When we switched the event to 2G on Tuesday, we expected 20-30% of participants to rebook on the virtual platform (in line with the current vaccination rate).

Unfortunately, however, the rebookings in the just yesterday after the declaration of the disaster emergency in Bavaria came over us like a big wave.

On Friday the RKI (Robert Koch-Institut) recommends cancelling events and adhering to contact restrictions – the next wave of rebookings has already flooded our inbox.

There is, however, some good news:
Thanks to our already-established professional event app, we’ll be able to switch the Nov. 17-19 event smoothly to virtual.
The 60+ professional speakers are waiting in the wings to give their talks live via video stream for you. We have moderators for all sessions and all the technical requirements for an especially interactive virtual event!

You will receive all further detailed information on your virtual participation in a separate e-mail.
Also about the concrete procedure for the remittance of the difference between on-site and virtual participation.