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STLE is an individual membership society focusing on professional, technical and scientific issues and needs. It is the premier technical society serving the needs of more than 10,000 individuals and 150 companies and organizations that comprise the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector. STLE members are technical experts who research, develop and market the methods and products that make industry more successful and that enhance the well-being of people worldwide. 


OELCHECK GmbH, Germany

The leading state-of-the-art laboratory for lubricant analysis in Europe offers more than 50 different test methods. OELCHECK analyzes and comments more than 200,000 samples every year. These numbers result in a enormous database with above 1.5 million analyzed samples. OELCHECK-experts also assist in the selection process of lubricants and act as expert witnesses in the investigation of damage cases. In 2010 the company created the OilDoc Academy as a spin-off.



Noria Corporation, USA

Noria helps companies enable reliability through better lubrication processes. Since 1997 their approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. Noria also is one of the worldwide leaders in providing lubrication consulting services and training.

Reliable Plant

International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML), USA

The International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization founded to facilitate growth and development of machine lubrication as a technical field of endeavor. Among its various activities,
ICML offers skill certification testing for individuals in the fields of machine condition monitoring, lubrication and oil analysis in multiple languages. ICML currently provides certification for the Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA), Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT) and Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (LLA). ICML is honored that these ICML certifications have been pioneered into ISO 18436-4 and 18436-5 Standards. ICML is an independently chartered organization consisting of both paid professional staff members and volunteer advisors.

ELGI – European Lubricating Grease Institute


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