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Speakers wanted!

Become a speaker at OilDoc 2017!
Become a speaker at OilDoc 2017!
Become a speaker at OilDoc 2017!
Become a speaker at OilDoc 2017!

OilDoc is always seeking speakers with interesting case studies, personal expertise and new ideas to contribute to the program.

The OilDoc Conference & Exhibition 2019 is all about lubricants, maintenance and condition monitoring. Become a part of it and present in front of a top-class audience about:

  • Successful examples from your daily work
  • Trend-Setting solutions for condition monitoring, fluid management and maintenance
  • Innovative products or services
  • The latest trends in tribology

A detailed list with the hot topics for the OilDoc Conference 2019 will be published here in January 2018.

Presenting at the OilDoc Conference provides numerous benefits for your company and yourself:

  • Increase your company's brand awareness and image.
  • Convince the attendees that your company is a leader in the lubricant industry. You/your company will be subject of expert discussions.
  • Gain increased status and credibility within the industry by appearing in official conference documents.
  • Distinguish yourself as an expert in your relevant specialist area(s).
  • Garner valuable advice from other attendees and speakers.
  • Benchmark and gauge your performance against market players and competitors.
  • Attract the attention of high potential employees and promising partners.
  • Take advantage of the reduced participation fee.
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