Presentation Program OilDoc Conference

Two intensive conference days will feature 90+ presentations in up to four parallel sessions.

On the third day, you can either choose from several hands-on workshops or take part in an excursion with the historic rack railroad to the Wendelstein.

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Presentations at the last OilDoc Conferences

Some presentations and the discussion forums from 2017 and 2019 have been video recorded.

Let yourself be inspired!

Discussiom Forum – Lubrication Programs – the missing part of Asset Management

Coolant – the underestimated operating medium
Matthias Aßmann – OELCHECK GmbH

Discussion Forum – Industry 4.0! Maintenance 4.0! Lubrication 4.0?

The evolution of maintenance and big data analytics and a gas engine case study
Jorge Alarcon – IK4 TEKNIKER

Aspects of analyzing additive elements in lube oils with x-ray fluorescence spectrometry – what is possible?
Jürgen Wess – PANanalytical GmbH

Saving equipment – closing the gap on compliance
Gwyn Simmonds – Polaris Laboratories