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The OilDoc Conference and Exhibition

... is the trend-setting event in the fields of lubrication, maintenance and condition monitoring. It is also a platform for acknowledged experts in the fields of research, development and science as well as for experienced engineers. They present their latest academic insights and results of research and provide crucial impetus to practicioners.

The next OilDoc Conference and Exhibition will take place
from January 29-31, 2019 in Rosenheim (near Munich).

The main topics of the OilDoc Conference

  • Condition Monitoring – Online • On-Site • Offline
  • Fluid Management –  Innovative & Sustainable 
  • Lubricants – Latest developments
  • Tribology – Research targeting Experience
  • Lubricants – Design to Application
  • Lubrication in Special Environments
  • Functional fluids – Everything but lubrication
  • Metal working and forming lubrication

Photos from the OilDoc Conference 2017

97% of the visitors in January 2017 will recommend the OilDoc Conference. See why ...